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Holidays In December For Which You Can Ask Gifts.

I was looking at December and thinking why only gets gifts with Christmas. You should be able to get a lot more gifts in December at least one a week. How wrong I was. I think I can squeeze a lot more gifts out of this month. Just check out the list I made.

First of December : A playboy would be nice to celebrate the first publications of this fine magazine

Second of December : A new razor the safety razor was patented on this day in 1901.

Third of December

Fourth of December

Fifth of December : A nice candle set for Hanukkah. I think it is appropriate.

Sixth of December:St. Nicolas day because I am Dutch and it is a tradition to receive a chocolate letter.

Seventh of December : A model plane because it is Civil Aviation day.

Eight of December : All the Beatle songs from itunes because it is the anniversaries of the death of John Lennon

Ninth of December : A new radio because it is International Children’s Day of Broadcasting

Tenth of December : A noble prize just dreaming but it is the anniversaries of the death of Alfred Nobel.

Eleventh of December

Twelfth of December

Thirteenth of December : A bucket load of ice cream and hold the violins. Although it is Ice Cream and Violins Day.

Fourteenth of December : A new car or an old own it does not matter this is the day NASCAR was founded.

Fifthteenth of December : The bill for all the gifts, mmmmh I do not think that is what they meant with the bill of rights.

Sixteenth of December : Lets have some tea okay, let’s make it a tea party as in 1773.

Seventeenth of December : Darn I am got the same plane as on the seventh. Okay Okay it the anniversaries of the first flight of the Wright brothers.

Eighteenth of December

Nineteenth of December

Twenthed of December

Twenty-first of December : Turkey again I thought we had that in November this is Forefathers day.

Twenthsecondth of December : A light bulb so I can light up the longest night of the year.

Twenththirde of December

Thwenthfourth of December : Eggnog it is official eggnog day.

Twenthfifth of December : Peace on earth. Is that to much to ask.

Twenthsixth of December : A flock of flamingos just to celebrated the opening of the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas.

Twenthseventh of December : A flamingo guitar please to celebrate Spain becoming a democracy.

Twenthaigth of December

Twenthnignth of December : A record or MP3 of the song YMCA on this day the first YMCA was formed.

Thirdtied of December : Again a record or MP3 of the song ” In the USSR.”" Formed on this day in 1922.

And the last day of December : Good food, family and some fire crackers for the last day of the year.

So that is 22 gifts in total I should start checking the rest of the year who knows I could end up with a lot more presents.


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