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Best Day After Christmas 2010 HDTV Sales Deals Ads

Now that the Christmas holiday season has come to a close many shoppers are thinking about what they want to do with all of the Christmas money they got as gifts.  Well, if you have not gotten yourself a new tv in a while, now is the perfect time to purchase an hdtv considering all of the after Christmas hdtv deals that will be going on.  There will be so many special prices on hdtvs that shoppers may have a hard time trying to decide on which store to buy from.

Right now Best Buy has a featured deal item on the Sony Bravia 46inch 3d Ready hdtv for 1700 dollars.  3d tvs are going to get hotter and hotter with each passing month because manufacturers will definitely be lowering the prices so that more consumers will get an interest in buying one.  The prices on them are a little steep right now but just keep waiting, they will get lower.  Honestly, the price that Best Buy is offering on the 46 inch Sony Bravia tv is a deal because when 3d tvs were first released they were over 3000 dollars.

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Another hdtv that is featured on Best Buys website is the LG 55 inch 3d ready tv.  This tv has a savings of 1620 dollars if purchased during the after Christmas sale.  It comes with 4 pairs of 3d glasses, is setup for a 3d blu-ray player, and high speed cable.  To really see the savings the retail price on the hdtv alone is 3300 dollars plus the 3D glasses individually costs 129 dollars with a combined cost of 520 dollars.  You literally see how much you are saving from that illustration.  Take advantage of those deals and see if you can save some money.


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