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Enjoy Bulgaria’s Best Places For An All Inclusive Holiday

If you have made up your mind to go to an all inclusive holiday this year now is the time to choose a location. If you want to go to a place that offers not only relaxing beaches, but also amazing nature, rich cultural heritage and various sport activities – Bulgaria is the place to go.

Bulgaria has four seasons this means that you can stay in this country at any time. It is to be found on a crossroad among the West and the East. On its east border it will offer you the Black sea and you will be able to find all inclusive resorts there. You will see for yourself Bulgaria has a rich history and why it was a desired territory by many in the past. This year you can plan out to the Balkan Peninsula and see what it offers.

Enjoy Bulgaria’s golden sandy beaches. What will intrigue you is that your stay will not be restricted only into a newly build hotels with swimming pools and restaurants. You will have the opportunity to go and visit some of Bulgaria’s beautiful seaside towns like Varna, Burgas, Sozopol, and Kiten. In many of them you will find old and unusual architecture and heritage from the ancient times like amphitheatres for example.

If you are into water sports, the Black sea will give you an opportunity to go wind surfing or you can drive jet skis.  If you are more of a mountain person – it will give you Rodopi, Rila, Pirin and Stara planina. Whether in the summer or in winter time – you will have the opportunity to enjoy their amazing flora and fauna. Bulgaria has great ski resorts, so if you are planning to go to an all inclusive holiday during the winter – you can take advantage of its professionally developed slopes. Prepare to go hiking and explore the Seven Rila Lakes – this journey will create beautiful memories and if you are enjoying photography it will present you with the most amazing sites. There are places in Bulgaria where old architecture is sacred and untouched. Such a place is Koprivstica – a town where everyone is required by law to build houses in the old style. This town is a cultural heritage and you will be amazed by how preserved and beautiful it is. Another such place is Plovdiv town – where you can visit the old town of Plovdiv – another architectural heritage. There is an old Roman amphitheatre there as well.

There are so much more to observe and perform there. These are just a small number of stunning places you can reside in Bulgaria. Pack your luggage, leave for an all inclusive holiday, and watch what other amazing surprises Bulgaria has for you.

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