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Whether you are a short vacation or a long journey to be able to communicate with family and friends, and will also be contacted which may be important, even crucial, especially if you are traveling in remote areas.


E-mail is fast becoming a key communications carrier. There is also a growing number of internet cafes across the country, where you can send and receive messages from. If you already use e-mail at home, ask your provider to find out how to send and receive e-mail from remote locations, using your address. If you wish, you can create a portable Hotmail or Yahoo! address, which you can use as you travel. There are also mobile phones that can send and e-mail. Letters. If you’re really serious you can take your laptop and cell phone, Internet and email access. You may have also loaded with GPS?


Even if you’re going away for a few days, you will need to make alternative arrangements for your mail before you go away. Your local mailbox will hold your mail for you for a predetermined period of time. You can also arrange with them to transfer to where you live. Be sure to carry out research before the trip. Ask a friend or neighbor to check that the service is operating as intended.

Alternatively, the postal service is a trusted friend collect your mail and forward it using the prepaid envelope. Or, you can have your mail sent to you is next to visit the post office. Ask the sender to mark the envelope after the general delivery, and to identify when you go to pick up your e-mail.

If you do not use friends or neighbors, or you have to sell without an address, contact Landbase Australia. They will receive their e-mail and forward it to you. Landbase Australia was established to provide an address to the world of sailing and sailors are now available to all travelers.


Mobile phones are widely used throughout Australia and around the world, and now there are many carriers in the market. You can use your cell phone not only incoming and outgoing calls, but also text messages. Most can also be related to your computer, Internet and email access.

One drawback on the basis of the Australian mobile phone in Australia, where your phone is out of vastness and remoteness. At still probably have the best digital network coverage in rural Australia on your communication objectives.

Keep in mind that Australia is not only prohibits the use of mobile phones while driving, but dangerous, unless it has a hands-free attachment.

To increase productivity and extend a little on your mobile phone to install the car kit, which includes the cradle, power supply and external antenna. In this way, you can use your cell phone in many places.


If you do not have or do not want a cell phone, public phones can be an inexpensive alternative. There are approximately 30,000 public payphones dotted around Australia, and contrary to popular perception, most of them are employed in most of the time.

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