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Goa – First Choice of Honeymooners

Miles and miles of unspoiled and virgin beaches, cheap food and booze is what Goa is in a nutshell that makes it such a favourite for all-the honeymooners, youngsters and foreigners. The beauty of Goan beaches is such that each is different in nature-some are sandy and full of locals, where as others are more popular with the foreigners and hence are lined with shacks selling tea and beer right on the beach itself, while some more are rocky and are looked upon as a place to relax on the edge of water, rather than frolicking in it.

For honeymooners, in fact, there can’t be a better place to know each other and have fun together either in water, or exploring the historical foundation of the country that Goa unfolds. In fact the French traveller Francois Pyrard, who travelled to Goa in the seventeenth century stated that ‘Whoever has been in Goa may say that he has seen the choicest rarities of India, for it is the most famous and celebrated city, on account of its commercial intercourse with people of all nationalities of the East who bring there the products of their respective countries, articles of merchandize, necessaries of life and other commodities in great abundance because every year more than a thousand ships touch there laden with cargo.

Today, the place may not be still the hub of trade, but business still reigns supreme in the form of tourism that help many a families survive. It is quite popular about Goa that geographically it has the shape similar to that of one half of heart and it is the heart of Goans that makes this heart complete-such is the hospitality and warmth of the Goan people, who are well-known for welcoming tourists to their area.

For the honeymooners, the ambience of Goa is such that it makes you more relaxed. It also has so many areas to travel around together that time flies and relationships are strengthened. To add to it all is the excellent and mouth-watering cuisine and booze of Goa that is very cheap and tasty almost everywhere- from road-side shacks and restaurants, to the swanky hotels. So with all the necessary ingredients of having a wonderful time in one place, tourists in Goa are always guaranteed of a time of their life. Not to forget the honeymooners who always go back home with extremely fond memories of the place. It is also the characteristics mentioned above that make Goa such a hot favourite place for the honeymooners.

Interestingly in the marriage season most of the travel agents and hotels offer extremely attractive packages and discounts with lots of frills for the honeymooners. Many airlines are also heavily booked, so are the hotels. Keeping in mind the requirements of the honeymooners, hotels and resorts also make special arrangements to make their guests comfortable, which only a few places in the country do. So, if you are planning to get married soon, don’t forget to check out this wonderful destination with your travel agent.

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