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Spanish holidays

Spain represents the perfect country for both a summer and a winter holiday; it is an extremely diverse country that attracts millions of tourists with its amazing beauties. It is a place where you will be welcomed by high mountains and shallow, crystal clear waters, by an impressive cultural, historical and architectural heritage, by colored and full of energy fiestas, by customs and traditions that survived the passing of the centuries, by modern, cosmopolite and very futuristic looking cities, as well as by old, charming, traditional villages. It is impossible not to find an attractive corner in Spain, regardless of your interests and preferences. There are hundreds of places that one can visit in Spain, so don’t hesitate to choose this outstanding country as destination for one of your holidays!

A Spanish destination

One of the most beautiful places in Spain is the popular Fuerteventura, an island which is part of the Canary group; people generally describe it as being the most occidental of all that are part of the amazing group, so this might be a departure point for what is going to attract you later. Located very close to the African coast, you can feel and taste the African influences in everything that represents Fuerteventura: the cuisine, the surrounding atmosphere, the weather and the welcoming people. Those interested in geographical details will find out the fact that Fuerteventura is a volcanic island and it took 20 million years for the island to emerge; it took the activity of the wind, the rain and the erosion to create the beautiful island that millions of people visit today.

The tropical position brings an annual average of no less than 22 degrees Celsius, but it also brings the delicate, white sand beaches and the spectacularly turquoise waters. Fuerteventura is an extremely popular island among those tourists who love windsurfing and kite-surfing, as the winds and the waves are absolutely perfect for these types of activities. Sailors, fishermen and scuba divers also love Fuerteventura and many of them choose it as their holiday location; imagine the fact that dolphins, turtles, and whales represent common sights in Fuerteventura. It really is a paradise on earth, so you should try it at least once in your lifetime. It is easy to reach by plane, it is a place that will nourish all your senses and where you will find the much wanted relaxation. What is there not to love?

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