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The Architects and the interior designers of late, have turned to use the eco favorable cork boards for flooring and as well as for the wall facings. This eco friendly cork is derived from the oak tree, as the builders are more worried about the greenhouse gases emission from the factory wastes and gathers. Right from the landscaper cork to the electrician cork, all of them have gone green these days. This simple oak trees  are the major source of the bark, which is reaped without using any of the gas gulping machines. Normally the reaping time of the barks, is ideal after twenty five years frame. The harvesting is done, by the experienced cutters, and they cut down the barks, without harming the tree.


Once the cutting is done, the tree starts to regenerate again and develops fresh bark, and it is ready to be harvested again after a period of 9 years. Portugal has been the leading producer of the landscaper cork, tiling cork, lay men cork and electrician cork. The exclusive resin which is inside the cork has to be heated and this will aid to fix the cork to the sheets and the tiles of the board. Portugal is the major exporters of cork to the other nations. The traditional Electrician cork board and the tiles cork which are used for the flooring and which are also employed in the cinema halls uses this eco friendly corks, as they have good absorbing quality. The cork tiles which are used at the hospitals, work as a sound moistener at the lobby and corridors. The other benefit attached to the cork coloring tiles are that they have also act as a mild shock absorber, as the staffs, doctors and nurses  stand for a longer period of time on the floor. This will relax them of their pain and give them relief.


During the time of renovation and modification, of houses, gardens, or for outdoor door activities, the landscaping in cork render a wonderful service, and there are many companies offering their serves. Today even the electricians have started to utilize the electrician cork as a sustance for insulations. These cork electricians use will not release any chemical pollutants, when it is put-upon on the walls, it as well does not emit micro fibers, which causes pollution to the atmosphere. And hence the cork boards, are hypo allergic, and so it can be kept even at the children’s room who have got allergy problems, The electrician in cork, firms have used this cork boards even at the old aged homes as the have the feature of shock absorbing, and will protect against any skids.  The cork electricians’ use in the generator rooms and machine rooms are these safe ones, as the room is always damp and will prevent slippage. The cork boards also have a resistance against any sparks and will thus prevent fire accidents. The landscapers cork are attractive and normally preferred as they are malleable in nature and is also durable.

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