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Where you can rent an Ibiza villa cheaply

Holiday home ownership has increased over the years, marking a significant change from traditional package holidays to self catering breaks which allow the holiday maker more freedom and independence.  Renting an Ibiza villa is one way to experience this, and is often much more cost effective than travelling with a standard package holiday.  Ibiza is a rather small island; however it is home to many Ibiza villages where you can rent an Ibiza villa cheaply.

When it comes to villa rental Ibiza is the perfect place to look for a self catering break which will not break the bank, particularly if you are one of the many people who flocks to Ibiza every summer, seeking Balearic beats at top clubs such as Space or the soothing chilled out atmosphere of the Café del Mar. The Ibiza tourist board is seeking to make the island more family friendly, however Ibiza remains notorious for its hedonistic clubbing and wild parties.

Ibiza villas make a welcome change to package holidays in that most package holidays can seem a little too similar to one another.  Overcrowded hotels and group activities few want to take part in can leave holidaymakers feeling hot and bothered, so renting an Ibiza Villa may be a good solution, particularly for the purposes of saving money.  Self catering also means less in the way of expensive restaurant bills, and without having to order room service, tourists can feel free to peruse the local markets and supermarkets, whip something up from the local produce, and most importantly, eat a time which suits them.

If you are looking for somewhere a little less –well, noisy, and clubbing isn’t your thing, then north Ibiza villas and Ibiza villas in the far south west offer some beautiful countryside and sea views, and they are often a lot cheaper during summer half term and October half term, when temperatures are still in the 20s and cheap hire cars are more available than at other times in the year.

Ibiza villas are usually more expensive the closer you get to Ibiza Town; Talamanca and Roca Elisa especially.  But if you are looking for an Ibiza villa which is still central but with a more rural feel, San Rafael is an excellent choice, while San Josep in the south boasts some beautiful beaches with easy access to them from the villa.

As club licensing laws in Ibiza change, leaving bars and clubs closed between 6am and 4.30pm, more clubbers are choosing to spend more time at their villas.  Choosing villa rental Ibiza over a stay in a hotel (Depending on who your neighbours are, and of course whether you stay in an area with more clubbers than families) means that you could party on into the early hours without disturbing anyone.

A Teetotal Virgin in Ibiza

A Teetotal Virgin in Ibiza

List Price: £8.95

Price: £8.48

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