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Visiting Iceland – 10 Reasons to Holiday in Iceland

Iceland is a large island situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is home to many spectacular mountains and is one of the more novel holiday spots in Europe. Despite its name, only about 10% of the island is actually covered in ice. The country also has a rather mild climate and is still geologically active, and as a result, there are many natural hot springs scattered thorough the country.

Iceland offers tourists and visitors many things to see and do and there are many reasons why you would enjoy a holiday in this beautiful country.

1. The country is home to some of the most unique natural wonders in the world and tourists who visit the country are sure to remember the natural splendour that Iceland has to offer for a long time. The country is host to many breathtaking glaciers, mountains, hot springs and waterfalls.

2. Iceland offers visitors fresh, clean and unpolluted air. A long trip to the country will do wonders for your lungs. Some people notice this difference in air quality as soon as they disembark from their airplanes.

3. Iceland’s countryside has many verdant plains overrun with rivers and hemmed in by mountains. It is a great place for meditation, contemplation and taking a break from the problems of city life.

4. Many people expect Iceland to be extremely cold, but it is far from it. Also, although Iceland is known for having a diverse climate, these differences are usually on the mild side and the weather on the island as a whole is often pleasant.

5. Iceland is home to many geothermal locations. There are several natural hot springs in the country and Iceland’s natural spas are famous all over the world.

6. Iceland offers some of the best horseback riding experiences in the world and is guaranteed to be favourite destination with equestrian enthusiasts.

7. Midnight Sunsets are events that can only be seen in Northern places like Iceland. During the summer months, the sun goes down at midnight and rises again shortly after. This phenomenon draws many curious tourists from around the world.

8. The Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights, is a natural phenomenon that can be seen very clearly in Iceland’s clear skies.

9. The highlands in Iceland offer tourists and trekkers a chance to experience the Icelandic wilderness at its finest.

10. There are many adventure based activities that tourists can take advantage of in Iceland. Tourists, nature lovers and thrill seekers are sure to enjoy whale watching, biking, diving, trekking and many more activities.

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