January Holiday Deals

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january holiday deals
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Be fearless, be distinct and be prepared to attempt some thing new. That’s the message from vacation renting expert and author, Wendy Shand, who is advising property owners to do some final minute ‘holiday lease housekeeping’ in preparation for the January vacation bookings rush.

“It is a tough economic environment out there with a lot of property owners vying for the exact same clients. If property owners want to guarantee a steady pipeline of bookings for 2011, they need to invest a bit of time now to guarantee they stand out from the crowd,” says Wendy.

She advises that all holiday property owners run by means of this pre-booking season checklist:

1. Who’s your target market? – Do you know what kind of renter you want to attract? Is it households, yoga enthusiasts or walkers? Niche advertising and marketing is easier than trying to attract everyone. When have identified what your major market is, be fearless in saying so.

two. Does it meet your customers’s requirements? Saying you have a specialized holiday home for ramblers will only work if you are genuinely in a position to provide what ramblers require. Consider about what they’d want and add that to your ammenities.

three. Evaluate your current marketing – are you marketing in the correct spot for the variety of folks that you want to attract? Make certain you devote your advertising allowance on the strategies most suitable to your target market.

four. Reread your current listings – modify or add something that is out of date, does not read effectively or is incorrect. Will it resonate with your target buyers? Emphasise the essential promoting points that make it appropriate for a certain audience.

five. Revisit your pictures – replace any that are outdated or do not do your property justice. Add new photographs, particularly of the nearby area and your home hunting its greatest. If you’ve decided to niche marketplace, guarantee your photographs represent that niche.

6. Check out your competitors – what are they carrying out well/badly/could increase on. How does your genuine estate examine? If you are undertaking something better, make a point of emphasising that aspect. If you are not, make adjustments to ensure you are on par.

7. Try one thing new – If you maintain carrying out the same factor then the results will be the very same, so attempt offering anything diverse. What about offering little added extras that will make you stand out – like supplying ramblers loaned GPS devices, nearby geocaching web sites and packed lunches?

eight. Pricing – Revisit your pricing. Is there any way that you can improve your costs by delivering added value? Instead of lowering your value to secure far more bookings, try adding attractive extras which mean you can charge a premium.

9. Want extra tips? – Order and read Vacation Leasing Professional, Wendy Shand’s totally free book ‘Empty Weeks, How to get a lot more bookings and make more income from your holiday home’. Details beneath.

Wendy Shand advises parents seeking for secure holidays with youngsters and has sold more than ?1.25 million worth of holidays in the last 5 years, and Wendy now advises home owners in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Asia. To obtain your free of charge copy of “Empty Weeks” visit http://www.freeholidayletsbook.co.uk/

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