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Meandering through Menorca

It has always been a quiet land, content with a degree of peace as opposed to Ibiza’s busy night life or Majorca’s tourist packed beaches. Instead it is a land known more for its relaxed cities and beaches, one of its most popular locations is Cituadella, a breezy little town full of friendly faces and pleasing smells floating through the town.

Meticulously cleaned and extremely well sign posted, Menorca is a perfect island for driving around, with a road cutting the island in half it is easy to get from one part of the island to the other.

The biggest beach in Menorca stretches out for nearly 40 kilometres and can be easily found just south of Son Bou.

Though it may be a small quiet country, do not expect modesty. People are very open to going nude on these beaches and topless bathing is very common throughout the small Island.

The beaches are often white-sanded with Flesh scattered around while the waters resonate with a pastoral turquoise-blue.

After a swim in the blue waters of Cala D’Algairians, you will perhaps be ready for a good bit to eat. One of the favourite local dishes and a real luxury delicacy is the Caldereta, a lobster stew.

Spilling out on to large plates this dish usually costs around 60 Euros, certainly not one that the average tourist can indulge in every night. For a cheaper option there is always a good selection of tapas around, at a reasonable price.

The lovely little town of Mao serves up some of the best tapas in Menorca, and is a great town to crawl from tapas bar to tapas bar in. Next to the harbour you can find a great variety of eateries, offering there distinctive take on local cuisine. The Saturday Morning market in Mao is a must visit, offering a great selection of local delicacies such as cheeses and wines, as well as many leather products. The market is rather evocatively housed in a renovated church, which carries its atmosphere splendidly.

There are many other open air market, offering a wide selection of foods, such as fish and sausages. With some stores cooking their wares an open griddle.

Menorca was once a fiercely fought for naval base due to its deep water port. It was taken hold of by the Brits in 1708 and was a fully fledged base by 1783. Yet the land was quickly relinquished, and now British occupation in the land is only relevant in regards to tourism and some ownership of Menorca villas.

Yet Menorca attracts visitors from all over Europe hungry for a few hours of sun in that permanent spring/summertime. The Balearics have long since been one of the most popular destinations for European holiday makers. For a location that’s distinctively Spanish in it’s feel but with a tropical year round climate then Menorca is a wonderful destination for you.

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