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Traveller’s Haven in Haikou

Blessed with a beautiful skyline, the city of Haikou is the largest town in the island of Hainan. It is also the capital city, and main port of entry to the island province. It is situated on the northeastern side of the island, and can be easily reached from any town in Hainan.

Tourism is a massive industry for the city of Haikou. It is part of the tropical climate of China, and therefore has the perfect climate for tourists looking for sun and fun. Getting into the city is best done through the local airport, but trains are also possible, as they travel over the water via ferries.

Haikou hotels are located in the city, and give tourists a great choice of where to stay. Most are located to some of the most exciting activities found in the city.

Travellers always give a thumbs up to Haikou’s excellent nightlife. Yes, the city is a tropical one which boasts warm weather and generally blue skies that are perfect for beach activities. However, the town thrives on its night life culture, offering plenty of ‘watering holes’ and dance clubs to keep visitors and locals entertained all night long.
In saying this, Haikou also does have a magnificent beach culture. The sunshine and climate that Haikou is blessed with are fabulous features that lure people out of the indoors and onto the beaches of the city. Altogether, there is more than 40kms worth of beaches in the great Haikou area. However, two of the most visited stretches of sand would have to be Holiday Beach and Xixiu Beach. Hundreds of people at any one time can usually be spotted at Holiday Beach, and while Xixiu is generally quieter than Holiday, it is quite magnificent too.
Museums in Haikou can also be considered traveller’s havens, as they offer some of the most interesting sites and attractions in the city. One of the most renowned museums on the island of Hainan is the Hainan Provincial Museum, which is located in the city of Haikou. In addition to this historical museum, art lovers will be enthralled by the Museum of Contemporary Art. Here local artists have an opportunity to display their work to the public.
The national parks that can be found in close proximity to Haikou are also great crowd pullers. Some of the most famous include the Crater Cluster National Park, the Coconut Plantations, and the Mangrove National Park Reserve. Visitors can find tours by vans and coaches to these national parks, or choose to travel to each one on their own. Entrance fees are either cheap or non-existent.
One of the most exciting things travellers can do in Haikou is to sample the amazing cuisine on offer. One of the most popular places to eat is the barbeque restaurants that are found in the city. The food is cheap and beers make the barbequed food that much tastier.
In addition to the food, shopping can also be found in the city of Haikou. However, the shopping centres and department stores are not the main shopping attractions in the town. Visitors shouldn’t miss travelling to the Old Street, where food, traditional handicrafts and magnificent traditional culture can be experienced.
Even though Haikou is a great place to explore and enjoy, getting out of the city is recommended, even if it is only for a day. There are numerous places to visit, especially towards the northeast and east of Haikou. Some of the best abalone farms are found in that area, and several traditional towns can be explored and experienced too.

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