October Holiday Deals

October – The Perfect Month to Jump Start Your Christmas Planning

Did you know, the fall season is the best time to begin getting ready for the holidays? Why? There are so many activities to enjoy during that special time of the year and they all occur in only a few short weeks so the more you plan ahead, the more you can enjoy Christmas and all it has to offer.

Below are just a few of the things you can do this fall to jump start your Christmas planning!

- Do you plan to have a family photo made for your Christmas cards? Make an appointment with your photographer and have the photo taken now. Autumn is a great time for outdoor photography because nature provides a beautiful backdrop for any photo.
- Once your photo is made, go ahead and order your photo cards and begin addressing the envelopes. Make it your goal to have your Christmas cards addressed and stamped by Thanksgiving. Then you just have to drop them in the mail whenever you’d like.
- If you are still hand-addressing envelopes, purchase computer address labels from a local office supply store and follow the simple instructions to begin entering names and addresses into your computer. Once the addresses are entered, you just have to print out the labels, peel them off and place them on your card envelopes. Throughout the year, add, delete or make changes to your label file so you’re always ready for the next year.
- Check your wrapping supplies and make a list of what is missing. Who wants to spend hours the day before Christmas wrapping gifts? This year, organize your wrapping space before you start shopping then wrap gifts as you purchase them. Wrapped presents under the tree make a home prettier so get them wrapped early this year so you can enjoy them.
- Do you love to bake? Then stock up on baking supplies now. Pull out your recipes and make a list of the items you’ll need to purchase. Create a designated space in your pantry or a cabinet and put all supplies together.
- Make your gift giving list early. At the same time, review your budget and make a vow to stick to it. Nothing ruins holiday memories more than receiving tons of credit card bills in January.
- Does your family draw names? If so, take care of this task now so you’ll know who you are buying for.

This year, make it your goal to be prepared and not stressed so you can enjoy your family, friends and the real meaning of the season.

Robin Willis
Organizing Consultant and Speaker

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