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Tourist sights in Paphos

Tourism is a major industry and employer in Paphos, as people from all over Europe and the wider world continue to visit this idyllic and historically significant part of Cyprus. If you’re eager to get the most out of your trip to Paphos and explore beyond the holiday resorts of Kato Paphos, you can find many natural wonders and historical landmarks in the surrounding area.

Much of Paphos’ heritage has been very well preserved, and visitors today can still visit sites dating back to the Ancient Greek and Byzantine eras, among others. The area’s Greek ruins are among its most visited, especially the Temple of Aphrodite and the Tombs of the Kings, which make a great day out for history buffs. If you want to see more than ruins to gain a deeper understanding of the Ancient Greek period in Paphos, the archaeological museum is of an exceptionally high standard, collecting a number of important artefacts with multilingual descriptions.

Paphos’ glory didn’t fade after the Ancient Greek period either, and travelling along the coast and further inland to Pano Paphos you can find many other notable landmarks, from the Byzantine castle and St Paul’s Pillar to the large harbour, still in use today.

If you want to stay active during your Paphos holiday, rather than spending all your time sunbathing, you can chase cooler climate and spectacular views by heading into the mountains, popular for cycling and other outdoor activities. However, if you’re content to stick to the well-trodden tourist trail, Paphos city itself offers numerous shopping opportunities along the beach promenade.

You won’t have to worry about the entertainment drying up when the sun goes down either, thanks to the multitude of cocktail bars and night spots, which are reliably frequented by tourists and locals alike. Coral Bay is one of the leading coastal areas and a popular destination for water sports, whether you’re an experienced windsurfer or jet skier or just starting out.

Some people take flights to Paphos looking for something different though, and the good news for those searching for less well known gems off the beaten track is that Paphos offers more than just resorts and archaeological sites. Consider paying a visit to nearby villages such as Anarita, Episkopi, Kathikas and Tsada, where you can see a more authentic side of Cypriot life.

Episkopi and Kathikas in particular are ideal getaways for those fatigued by global tourism, and easily reached just 15 to 20 minutes from Paphos by car. These are also among the best places to try local cuisine and famous Commandaria wine, hand made on the premises. Anarita and Tsada may be preferable if you’re looking for sun, sea and sand on your Cyprus holiday, but wish to avoid the crowds of Paphos’ beaches in the peak summer season.

If you’re visiting Paphos for the first time, you’re bound to find plenty to keep you and your fellow travellers entertained during your trip, and returning visitors won’t have to worry about having already seen everything Cyprus has to offer.

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