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Bleak Bank Holidays

The promise of sun this bank holiday was enough to get the majority of us reaching for our sun lotion, grabbing our deck chairs and heading off to the beaches of the UK for some summer rest and recuperation. It was therefore a little bit of a shock when the bank holiday brought us bleak skies, showery rain and an ever so slightly cold wind.


Despite this, it has been the hottest spring for centuries, in fact the hottest since 1659. Rain put a dampener on our weekend though, as we were expecting the sunny temperatures that we had seen over the previous may bank holidays, the Easter holidays and the other official bank holidays we had been granted this year. But we are due to see some of those gorgeous temperatures returning as the weather is due to hit twenty four degrees this week in the south, with the north of England and Scotland seeing temperatures of twenty two degrees; still respectable for this time of year.

Reports have stated that we are set to see a tropical summer in the UK this year, with predictions being that the temperature will stay above twenty one degrees in June and July, possible even reaching climes of thirty two degrees.

The MET office have insisted that the weekend “wasn’t a total washout, with most of the UK still needing moisture that it won’t get as temperatures rise again through the week”. the north have seen more than one hundred and twenty percent less rain than previous Mays on record, and people further south have seen waning crops and shortages of plants that would normally be growing at this time of year. With the summer months looking to be hotter than ever before, we are expecting a sweltering summer and lots of people are planning on staying in the UK for their holidays to save money in the current economic climate.

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