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Great Time To Travel To Sicily

You can travel to Sicily all year round, however, it is better if you can avoid January to March, as this is the rainy season, which makes it rather chilly.


From April to early June the orange and lemon trees are in full blossom and hedgerows are blooming with spring flowers.


Even in July there is the colour and scents of the countryside although the countryside will start to become dryer and grass turning brown. Whilst from September onwards the crowds disappear and good weather can continue even into December.


Weather wise the average temperatures flirt between 20-35 C degrees. The heat will be dry rather than the sticky heat we associate with the English climate. Of course if you climb to the heights of Mount Etna and other peaks you will soon cool down!


A question may form why not August? Mainly because this is the month that Italy goes on holidays- and that means that prices peak by almost double and the restaurant prices equally escalate.


Why? The island is not just famous for an active Volcano and beaches but equally for its architecture and archaeology, which make it perhaps almost unique blend. After all were can you find a Cathedral (in Syracuse) Which was party built by Arabs, then Greeks and finally by the Normans who are just a few of the nationalities that have left their mark on the island. In the same city are a Greek theatre and a Roman Amphitheatre.


To the south are the Greek temples of Agrigento in remarkable preservation considering the way that Italy treats many of its ancient monuments.


There is more to this island than Taormina, which is just about featured by every company offering holidays to the island. Whilst an interesting hill top town with a Greek Theatre, (which has outstanding views of the coastline from its site) the hordes of tourists attracted to the rather tacky shops too often smother the resorts attractions.


Cefalu is in my opinion a far more interesting resort which contains it’s Norman cathedral built by the half brother of William the Conqueror back in 1131, narrow cobbled streets which lead out onto small beaches and the sea.


The best way to see Sicily could be to take a seven-night coach tour which attends to all the major places of interest and then take a week renting an apartment or villa to relax and enjoy the countryside.


Another idea is a fly drive holiday that can be planned to your own requirements. They also offer a tour of the island staying in farmhouses, which often have a swimming pool and a restaurant.


Lastly consider renting one of the large selection of Sicily villas which come with their own swimming pool if you have a largish family.


Go to Sicily holiday whilst it is it’s own master and unspoilt. It’s people are friendly, proud and passionate and they consider themselves Sicilians – never Italian! They even have their own language called Sicilianu.


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