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Animals In Malta

As a tourist, you do not really pay much attention to the animals in the place you are visiting in unless if you were a pet lover. There are hotels in malta that do not allow pets to be brought inside the premises.
Tip 1: Its best to leave your pets at home with someone who can take care of pets and enjoy your malta holiday without pets. If you cannot be at ease leaving your pets behind, look for malta hotels that can accommodate pets.
Tip 2: If you tour around the island, you will discover that Malta has a lot of cats! These cats are cute and populous within the island. Be careful in petting them because they might scratch you and ruin your malta holiday. There are so many cats in Malta that there is an organization that is dedicated to stop mistreatment of cats in Malta! You may have heard about the Street Cat Rescue or the Malta Feline Guardians Club. If you watch from your malta hotel window, you might get to see this group in action.
Tip 3: Maltese love animals. They have animals as pets, livestock or for games. In Malta, the population is divided between two groups of people, the animal lovers and the animal hunters.
Tip 4: If you include hunting in your itinerary, it will make your malta holiday an unusual one. Hunting always makes one feel that you are better than nature. In Malta, the locals enjoy the traditional form of hunting. There are many moves to make illegal bird hunting in Malta.
Tip 5: Even if Malta officials defy the European Commissions mandate about bird hunting, you should respect logic of the European Commissions wishes. The birds that are hunted during spring mostly belong to endangered species. Keep this in mind before sleeping in your malta hotel room, these are rare birds that need protection. They need to be alive and not be made displays in your home.
Tip 6: If you want to own a top quality Persian cat or get a pure breed dog, you can search for breeders in Malta. Malta is known for producing pure and beautiful Persian Cats. Adopt one now and bring home that animal from your malta holiday!
Tip 7: Cats and dogs are not the only animals that are widely known in Malta. Malta is known for its blue beaches. When there are beaches, it means there are many fishes. Malta is full of suppliers of fish. If you can not get enough of the rare fishes from Malta, from your malta hotel, order fishes to be shipped back to your home.
Tip 8: From swimming to the air, Malta is famous for birds. There are many groups that try to interbreed birds together by using DNA. Watch these unique creations made by man.
Tip 9: Animals are very much part of Malta and it should be part of your malta holiday. Whether you are an animal lover or an animal hunter, animals will always be a part of Malta way of living. So, if you are allergic to animals, bring your meds!

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