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Villa Holidays: Disadvantages

The vacation business has never had it so good. Downturns in the economy, inflation, political conflicts, climate change, rising travel costs – none of these seem to curb the intrepid traveler. Hotels have lost popularity among people looking for unique holiday experiences. They’ve now become the hub of commercial travelers, package deal tourists and business conventions. The new trend is the Villa Holiday.

A vacation rental or villa holiday is very popular now for several reasons. But it has its own disadvantages.

1.Dealing directly with owner: An individual home-owner or the owner of a string of villa rental properties may not come under the regular licensing authorities like ABTA, ASTA or PATA. In case of complaints or malpractice, chances of compensation are low.

2.Non-standard: Rentals and facilities may differ widely across properties of a similar nature even if they’re owned by the same person.

3.Risky payment: Always verify credentials before making money transactions.

4.SNAD: Significantly Not As Described is a common scam. Glossy photos, well-produced brochures, glowing (fake) testimonials can lure you into making exorbitant payments and then finding that you’ve been taken for a ride.

5.Chores and housework: Villas without cleaning or catering services may be cheaper, but you’re stuck with the same old chores that you had at home. Laundry, dishes, cleaning services cost extra.

6.All yours: Basically, you’re left to your own devices in a villa. Entertainment, sight-seeing tours, shopping trips are planned without help from a tour package operator.

7.Difficult to locate: Even with the Net, you may still find it difficult to locate a reliable, cheap villa option that satisfies all your holiday needs.

8.Not suitable for single travelers: Unless you’re really looking to be on your own, the villa option doesn’t make sense. The cost factor doesn’t work out.

9.Location: Not all holiday spots offer the villa option.

10.Safety: Generally no security guards or medical facilities available.

11.Transport: You want a secluded location but this means that you’re cut off from the nearest urban areas, with little or no access to public transport. Car-hire or chauffeur services may add to the costs. Safety could be an issue here.

12.Time factor: You may end up wasting a lot of time grocery-shopping, commuting to and fro from town, trying to find local attractions and entertainment spots.

Because of the home-like feel of the property. Accommodation costs can easily be shared among a group or family. Luxury Villa Holidays options offer facilities that give great value as compared to a 5-star hotel or resort.

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