Discount Car Rental Does Not Mean An Inferior Car


Many people see the words discount car rental and immediately think that the cars available are either cramped or less than other car rentals offer. This is not the case. There are many reasons why you may find discount car rental available. Some agencies offer discounts at certain times of the year, for certain locations, or if you are able to make reservations early. You will still be receiving the same quality car you desire but because you are willing to work with their special offers you can receive discount car rental rates.

Just as airlines offer discounted rates during slower times of the year, car rental agencies also offer discounts. This can mean that you can receive a much better deal on a discount car rental if you can plan a trip during their slow season. You still receive the same great cars and services but at a discounted rate because you are able to work around other peoples schedules.

Another way that you can find discount car rental rates is by looking for special packages that may be offered for specific locations. This does not always mean a foreign country, although it can. Sometimes of the year are busier for car rentals than others in certain areas of the country. For example, if you were to rent a car in Florida in the summer you would probably be able to find a discount car rental, because most people travel to Florida in the winter. Timing can be an important issue when looking for discount car rental rates.

Many car rental agencies offer special discounts if you can book your reservations early. This not only offers you a discount car rental it can also offer you a larger choice of cars to choose from. Generally car rentals are on a first come policy. However, if you can book ahead of time they will hold the car you choose for you even if someone else walks in and wants to rent it.

Some car rental agencies also offer special discount car rental rates to their members. This can be an extra discount over and above any other special rate they are offering at the time. This can mean even more savings for you, and is definitely something that you want to look into when you are considering a discount car rental.

One car rental agency that offers discount car rentals is You can make all your car rentals through their easy online forms even if you will be traveling in more than one area.

Gear Shift Lever Knob 5 Gears

Gear Shift Lever Knob 5 Gears

  • Compatible: 2005 - 2014 Toyota Aygo/2002 TO 2009 Toyota Verso, 1992 - 2009 Toyota Corolla, Toyota 1994-00 rav4,1997 ’08 Toyota Avensis, 1999 - 2005 Toyota Yaris/VITZ
  • With 5 speed control at the top. Colour not fade.
  • New Lovely Vintage Design gear knob. Makes your car elegant and fashionable.
  • Easy installation. Can be easily extended the old, place the white plastic sleeve to the shaft Gearstic, then slide the new into.
  • ‘Please make sure the white plastic outer sleeve to wouldn’t gear stick is in good condition, otherwise it won’t.

Compatible with:
2005 - 2014 Toyota Aygo
2002-2009 Toyota Verso
1992 - 2009 Toyota Corolla
1994 - 2000 Toyota RAV4
1997 - 2008 Toyota Avensis
1999 - 2005 Toyota Yaris/Vitz
1) Material: High quality PU leather and ABS plastics. Holiday rental objects
2) with 5 speed scheme at the tip. Colour not fade.
3) New Lovely Vintage Design Gear knob. Makes your car elegant and fashionable.
Easy installation.

List Price: £16.59

Price: £16.33

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