Sunshine And Smiles – A Malta Holiday

Like any other business the holidays industry thrives on repeat customers, or put another way people who have been happy with a product or service enough to buy it again, and if repeat customers can be built up it leads over time to a successful business.

And in a recent survey of tourists who had visited Malta for a holiday, the results were good and shows that Malta is an ideal Mediterranean holidays destination.

The sample base was large at nearly 2000 tourists, and a remarkable 86 per cent of those who participated said that their time in Malta had met or exceeded their expectations.

While good, other figures revealed in the survey give hope that Malta is building itself as a holidays destination, and once the economy improves will see year on year increases in visitor numbers again.

If holiday destinations can impress visitors enough to want to visit again in the future, it helps to give those investing in the Malta holidays trade confidence to go ahead, while the extra revenue gained by the government through employment and sales taxes give it the ability to spend money on the infrastructure expected by holidaymakers.

No less than 87 per cent of those surveyed who had just had their Malta holidays said they would recommend Malta to others – not just an impressive figure but a vital one for a destination trying to compete with countries like Spain with massive advertising budgets and a rich history of tourism who can rely on repeat visitors to use as a base every year when drawing holidaymakers to their shores.

Word of mouth and a recommendation from someone trusted is worth far more than any advertising campaign for a destination like Malta which many people might not have considered before, hopefully enough to pique curiosity to look at Mata what has to offer for a holiday.

So what areas of Malta do holidaymakers typically head for – and what can Malta offer that’s a bit different from other holiday destinations?

For a taste of the more modern side of Malta, there is the St. Paul’s Bay area and the seafront at Bugibba, the hub of nightlife in the area. Here, there are a selection of trendy boutiques and restaurants. When the sun sets, Malta can go down market as well as up market and there are karaoke bars in Bugibba, but there is also the casino and a cinema.

From the nightlife of Paceville to the view of the sea, Malta has much to offer every age group. Even though the visitors to Malta used to be retirement age, a great set of clubs, discos and bars has developed over the years.

Paceville is the nightlife capital of Malta. Most of the venues of Paceville are located on four main streets that spread out from the main square. These streets are Dragonara Road, Wilga Street, St. Georges Road and St. Rita Steps. A police presence is always nearby, keeping the denizens of the clubs safe and orderly. A taxi rank is also located in the main square, for those who need a lift.

For those who prefer a more genteel holiday, Wherever you go you will find something wonderful to see in Malta. The ruggedly beautiful coastline of Malta offers some fantastic views. It’s an island of culture and history but with the incredible beaches and secluded coves it can be a romantic setting for a honeymoon or a great place to simply get away from it all as well.

You have an 86 per cent chance of having a fantastic holiday in Malta if you visit in 2011!

More information about Malta including both the airport and flights to Malta for 2011 are at along with for those wishing to move there permanently Malta real estate choices.

For next summer there are photographs for some of the popular hotels in Malta and Gozo.